She’s brilliant, intelligent, charming, beautiful, a great mom – all the things you want our First Lady to be. The media is in a tizzy and so eager to label her a fashionista, trendsetter, etc. but let’s be real, Michelle Obama is no Sarah Jessica Parker, and frankly, she doesn’t need to be.

I’ve liked some of her outfits and some, well umm not so much, but I can respect that it’s her own personal style, and since she is a mega profile public figure, her fashion choices have alot of influence on the fashion industry and the many women that are watching her.

So without further adieu, here is STYLEMOM’s take on some of the first lady’s outfits during her trip to London with her hubby, President Obama for the G20 Summit. For her trip to London, the First Lady stayed with her usual designer suspects.

On the way to London….

Michelle Obama and the President on way to London(AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Hand in hand with the most powerful man in the free world, Michelle looks pretty classy in this white & black coat by Thakoon with black Michael Kors dress (underneath). The pearls and lovely brooch add a nice touch – Stylemom 2 thumbs up.

Departing Air Force One – Outfit change!! (I read in the NY Times that the bathroom on board is huge! lol)

President Obama and Michelle Obama arrive in London(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Now this Jason Wu green dress with long black belted duster jacket by Michael Kors is my fav of all the First Lady’s looks this London trip – Fantabulous! 2 Stylemom thumbs up!

Visiting the Queen and the Prime Minister…

President Obama and First Lady arrive at Buckingham PalaceArriving at Buckingham Palace (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

firstfamily-and-queenMeeting with the Queen (AFP Photo/John Stillwell)

Michelle Obama at BRITAIN G20 DINNER with Wives of World LeaderStylemoms and Women of Power – the wives of the World Leaders at G20 Summit (AP Photo/Steve Parsons)

I don’t particularly like this Isabel Toledo dress / Alaia cardigan combo. My fav is the Jason Wu coat worn over it in the first picture. The bottom of the dress is not particularly flattering, and black IS supposed to be slimming. One thumb up (for the coat) and one thumb down on this one. I would have styled Michelle in maybe a swing jacket and a long, high-waisted pencil skirt with a belt. Something more like this:

pencil-skirtnewport-newsYou can check out this look with pencil skirt at Newport News

Going to lunch at the Cancer Center in London….

Michelle Obama in J. CrewMichelle Obama in London

(L-Photo from Style Bakery / R-Photo AP Photo Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Sporting her staple J. Crew (skirt, top and cardigan), the seafoam colored skirt is super cute, but I’m not so sure how I feel about the sweater. I would like to see her in a longer sweater that comes slightly past the hip area or a long wrap shirt with a tie or belt at waist. One thumb up and one thumb in the middle on this one.

Visit to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language School and London’s Royal Opera House

Michelle Obama in blue dress, argyle sweater(Photo REUTERS/Jim Young)

Michelle Obama and Sarah BrownMichelle Obama and Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah Brown (Photo/REUTERS/Joel Ryan)

Love the color blue of this Jason Wu dress on the First Lady, but not sure how I feel about the 1/2 argyle sweater with sequence trim by Japanese designer Junya Watanabe. The sweater is adorable, but I would not have paired it with this dress. Michelle obviously loves this style sweater because it seems she owns one in every color and pattern – lol 😉 but I’m still not feeling the constant fitted cardigan with pushed up sleeves – it’s not a clean and finished look in my opnion. Another one thumb up and one thumb in the middle. but wait…

Stop the presses!! I think I need to stop writing and send a pack of Spanx and a couple of Yummie Tummies to Sarah Brown. Ladies if you’re going to wear fitting clothes, you MUST HAVE THE RIGHT UNDER GARMENT to get that hour glass shape and to smooth out those love handles, no matter what size you are (even a size 2 can have an unsightly pouch)!

Overall, I give the First Lady a C+ maybe B- on her fashion for this trip. Her make-up however gets and A+, as she looked absolutely radiant in every photo.

Finally I leave you with this: The “hug” that shocked the world

Michelle Obama and Queen Embrace at Britain G20 Summit(AP Photo/Daniel Hambury, pool)

I understand that I’m an American and respect other cultures and their differences, but as a mother and a woman, I truly believe that WE are the nurturers of this Earth. No matter what our culture and background may be, we are bound by that role of being a mother and a nurturer which sometimes means giving out a hug or two. It’s obvious that Michelle Obama takes this role of mother, woman, leader, and nurturer to heart and others admire and respect her for that, including the Queen of England.

The word in the media is that the British haven’t had this sort of love affair and adoration of someone since Lady “Di”. So we don’t need to look to Michelle Obama as a fashionista (read more about this controversial topic at Jack & Jill Politics or  Telegraph UK), we just need her to keep doing what she is doing – spread good will, and continue to support and help the President nurture our country and the world abroad into a more positive place (including “handling her business” and keeping her hubby happy behind the scenes 😉 ).