Animal prints & skins are coming back this Spring. Maybe because I’m astrologically inclined as a lioness, I am drawn to my favorite jungle style – the old classic cheetah/leopard print. The trick with pulling off this style mommies and fashionistas is balance. Only ONE item you wear should have the print: i.e. if your dress or shirt/blouse is leopard, everything else should have a flat/plain color/pattern, OR spice up an outfit with an animal print accessory, pair of shoes, or a handbag (will discuss accessories/shoes/handbags in pt. 2 on Monday).

First up, the dresses:

The first two: The red/pink Just Cavalli one shoulder dress, and DVF Justin Wrap dress are definitely two of my favs 😉
Leopard dresses

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This trend also translates well into Evening Wear dresses. actually has some fantastic gowns in animal prints. If you have a gala to attend. I suggest browsing through Shopstyle and you can view many dresses from various stores/sites all in one place.

Or check out some sassy leopard print evening outfits I’ve styled here for a “jungle fever” night out on the town….rrrrowwwww!
Leopard Night Out

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Next up, Skirts – proceed with caution. Be mindful when chosing a printed skirt, don’t get one with too many tiers/layers (remember Whoopi’s Oscar outfit), or it could make you look frumpy and garish. Choose a very simple cut like A-line, or pencil.

Here are some outfits I’ve styled for inspiration as my version of “Leopard Luxe”. the high-waisted leopard print skirt with black patent belt is recessionista chic at only $17.80 at
STYLEMOM Leopard Luxe
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Finally, Pants – my first fashion instinct is to tell all you Stylemoms “Don’t even go there”, however, in life there is always an exception to every rule. IF by the off chance you can find a classic cut straight leg pant in a muted and very small size animal print, you may actually be able to get away with it and pull it off. But again, more likely you will not find a suitable pant bottom that is not either pajamas or leggins – and animal print leggins are an absolute Stylemom fashion DON’T even think about it! 😉

But…I did find these super cute Alexander Wang skinny pants on Bluefly. Just choose your favorite style white blouse (but not too too fussy) add a punch of color with your shoes (purple, red, hot pink – I chose cherry red patent leather Christian Louboutin from Net-a-Porter) – and you’re good to go!

Acceptable Leopard Pants

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Stay tuned for Animal Instincts Part 2 on Monday where I will give the latest animal print handbags, shoes, and accessories that are hot in the jungle for Spring!