Ah c’mon, The Cookie Diet? How absurd. It’s been around since the 1970s but I first heard of it about eight years ago when someone showed me their cookies. The idea of eating cookies to lose weight was a concept so ridiculous I didn’t pay it any attention. But fast forward to now. I heard the diet was revamped, and a close diva friend of mine shared that she’s been on the diet for two months now. So, I was compelled to get the inside scoop on my diva friend’s experience in this Cookie Diet Interview:

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074 Josie started Yum Yucky because of her enthusiasm for health and fitness, but she is also a normal person who loves sweets and isn’t always excited about getting up to exercise on the blah days. She admits, she sometimes falls off the wagon but on the flip side, Josie is committed to the long-term journey of health and fitness, which is the reason she learned how to not give up, push through the tough spots, and continue to get results. Constantly researching, reading and educating herself on the facts of health and fitness, Josie shares this valuable information at YumYucky.com so she can empower mommies, women and people to improve themselves through proper diet and healthy lifestyles. She is not interested in diet fads or gimmicks, so you won’t get any of that at Yum Yucky. Just the facts and bare truth of health, fitness, and eating right.

Josie is currently studying for her ACE personal trainer certification which is a plateful when you add a husband and four children into the mix (a 4 month-old daughter, 4 yr. old son, 13 yr.-old son, and 16 yr. old daughter). Whew!

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(cookie photo by AMagill on Flickr)