Bill Blass Handbag Sale
Starts Monday 3/9
Up to 62% Off
Prices start at $170

This event is scheduled to start on Monday, March 9 at 11am for 1st Row members, noon for 2nd Row members. This event will run for 36 hours, or until it sells out.

Lamarthe Handbag Sale
Starts Tuesday 3/10/09
Save up to 62%
Prices start at $189

Tatoessian Watch Sale
Starts Wed 3/11
Up to 67% Off
Prices start at $99
Known as the “king of cufflinks,” Robert Tateossian has decided to bring this same elegance to watch design with Tateossian watches.


Ginette NY Jewelry Sale

Starts Wed 3/11
Up to 60% Off
Prices start at $69.00

Whether running for office or running for the most stylish woman in the room, you’ll feel like the first lady every time you wear one of ginette ny’s gems.

Michael Kors Home Event
Starts Thursday 3/12/09

Save up to 81%
Prices start at $25

Lisa Curran Sale Event
Starts Tuesday 3/12/09
Save up to 60%
Prices start at $44