I’d like to introduce a favorite poet of mine. He is a new age Beethoven of words, creating poems that inspire and uplift a woman from a man’s perspective. His rhythmic allocution incites an emotional high like having that special someone whisper words of delight in your ear. Once in a while I will share these delights with all of you mommies, so you can indulge your poetry style….

Beautiful Things


most hands separate taboo from attraction
mine perform juggling acts to ensure satisfaction
to nurture what’s pure behind impure actions
symbolic to a colander, before drama stirs
preventing inevitables, reinventing incredible
reciting momma’s words
love yourself first & do onto others
she knows that i love her, i’m her brother
my thoughts are designed to smother, & embrace her
strong but gently suffocate the hate that deflates her
illuminate the gate that retains the beautiful things
that awaits her
i’m not her man, i’m her king
the one she comes to for everything
& reminds her, no crying
she creates her silver linings, by flying
to do so, she’s gotta spread her wings
this world is full of better things, take me for example
the man who, reintroduces hope by massaging temples
these odes are musical notes, your heartbeat’s the instrumental
your tears have been heard & observed
through pillows so soaked
it’s no wonder His angels sent you
He knows i’m known for re-instilling
what makes you feel special
don’t doubt it, the proof is in the pudding
cause you’re smiling, when a while ago, you couldn’t


beautiful things

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red h.gill
M.aintain E.xcellence, Inc.
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