Today I witnessed some very ugly things on Twitter about another mom blog/community website that someone deemed “suspect”. I almost jumped on the bandwagon until I realized that I was a seasoned professional in the marketing business and there is a better way of getting the info and I’ve never had trouble talking to any CEO or getting them to talk to me for that matter ;).

After reading our twitter/email exchanges again, my woman instinct and her tone let me know that this was definitely a woman before we even chatted. My female instincts turned out to still be right when I confirmed with a long distance phone call around the globe and a long conversation.

I spoke with “P” who owns this site and we talked about her story, motherhood, and what led her here. After telling her to be calm and not angry about what happened, I am the one still in tears as I write this, because “P” has overcome things that I don’t think I could have as a mother, and because she was trying to avoid telling the members of her site about her condition and be anonymous, she was absolutely lynched.

This raises a question: Do we teach our children to be REACTIVE or PROACTIVE? Are we teaching them to get ALL the facts and to research properly along with diplomatically when solving a problem? Or are we just teaching them how to react on knowing only ½ the story? Everyone now, all together: “There are two sides to every story”

As a mother/parent/woman there are bonds between us that even when we disagree and cat fight, those bonds are still there, no matter how much we bend and stretch them. Our job is hard enough as it is that we all should know better not to add to one another’s stress. We have a duty to make the world a better place for our children and it should start by mothers supporting other mothers. In the current world and economy, mothers have the ultimate power – the buying power, and the persuading power. We need to use that power wisely.

To end on a light note, and since STYLEMOM is only about positivity and empowerment, I will leave you with this cheesy, oh so cliché but oh so true quote from Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility”

How can we teach our children to be responsible if we are not?

Nichelle – and I am STYLEMOM

P.S. “P yelled at me for crying!!! Lol – she is truly “Sassy”

(Image from Redbook Magazine)