I previously posted an article about having your own personal navigator for local shopping, etc. (see Yojo Mama). Well Stylemoms and shopaholics, I give you what all women dream of: your very own personal shopperShop It To Me.

sitmlogoImagine having someone going to all the retail stores, malls, and boutiques for you, then, bringing back an entire selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. all in your specified sizes, from your favorite designer brands all arranged by store name and price. The best part is, you didn’t have to pay this personal shopper to do it, they did all the work for FREE.


Sound too good to be true? Not at all, pick from hundreds of your favorite brands, choose sizes/clothing category, and never have to scour the internet for what you want again. Busy moms and women on the go need an assistant like this, and you too can have your very own personal shopper by just clicking here and signing up:

Shop It To Me: Better than Sample Sales — Free personal shopper for sales on clothing and accessories.