macprosignIn the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week, I attended a small event at the new MAC Pro store and studio with my digital partner in crime, B-Rad. The store is located in a small office building and there is not a sign, so I wasn’t sure I was at the right place until we walked off the elevator.

Lo and behold we were in makeup heaven (que the flashing light and “ahhhh ahhh ahhhh!!”). There before me was an entire wall of makeup jars in every color you could ever imagine.


The fabulous Koren, from Enkore Makeup, was giving tips to a group of women circled around him as if he was the 7th wonder of the world (but with all that juicy beauty knowledge he was dropping, I didn’t see anyone taking notes..hmmm). This immersion of beauty set the stage for a chat with our gracious hostess, Christine from Temptalia, as she gave us the scoop on the “must have” makeup every busy Stylemom should have in her bag.

I recommend checking out Enkore Makeup’s wonderful video tips as they are for women of every skin tone and color as well as getting the latest beauty product scoop from Temptalia.