Just because you may not have a sweetheart or special someone this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t join in the fun and festivities. Your children will bring home their handcrafted cards from school for you to hang on the fridge, and plenty of single ladies get together for outings, fun, dinner and drinks and enjoy the love and company of their girlfriends (or guyfriends too 😉 ). There are even great gifts you can give each other to celebrate anti-Valentine’s Day:

broken heart

#1 – Battery Girl Women’s Cap Sleeve Shirt – $21.99

#2 – Bittersweets candy hearts with “Dumped” “Dejected” & “Dysfunctional” messages – $9.95-$19.95

#3 – The Ex – Unique Knife Holder – $69.99

Have a happy Anti-Valentine’s day single ladies!!