From How You Doin’ to How She Does It: Talking Fashion and Motherhood with Wendy Williams

I started my morning trying to run in heels to the Wendy Williams Show studio in my favorite Nicole Miller dress, but that proved to be an exercise in futility due to the dress being fitted around the knees and thus, restricting my walking stride. So after 11 blocks of repeatedly hiking my dress up to avoid walking like a spastic penguin, I finally made it, and ran inside to get in my seat before the show started.

Wendy stepped out in an all black, wearing a Donna Karan New York turtleneck and wrap skirt with Giuseppe Zanotti platform stiletto boots. The first thing I thought was, “I love that belt..I have to ask her where I can get it.”

WendyWilliams the mom scene fashion style celebritiy moms the mom scene

I had a chance to join Wendy for the After Show and have girl chat about balancing the nuances of motherhood, fashion, styling up your “mommy uniform”, and the first time she and I met at the Essence 40th Anniversary luncheon.

WendyAfterShow the mom scene fashion style celebritiy moms the mom scene
It was the highlight of my crazy day getting to chat it up with Wendy, and I even found out that the fabulous belt I was coveting, was actually not a belt, but the top of the fabulous Donna Karan New York wrap skirt! Check out our full chat and watch the video of the After Show with Wendy (It comes in at 4:20 in the video icon wink the mom scene fashion style celebritiy moms the mom scene )



Leave a comment and tell us how you style up your “mommy uniform”!




  1. alfred says:

    Great interview , real good energy between you two. Nice job…

  2. chicbusymom says:

    Hey there,

    I love that you even ran 11 blocks in heels- very ambitious. I have an event I would like to send you an invite for. What is your email? I can’t find on your site, thanks!

  3. I am a dressmaker for yrs…and getting laid off my job as a Medical Instructor is not easy in these times…and trying to find another job was worst …so I decided to open up a small company recently,, made it more easier to make my own fashion where it’s affordable….I have 3 children 18yr, 3yr, 1yr and a fiancee….and I practically make all their clothes …me I just look into the magazines and if I see something I like I just make it…..from scratch with my sewing machine.I really don’t have the money too do great shopping…but I sure can create my own fashion statements for men and woman and child…This Mom stays in style because I create my own…lol..Love you Wendy Williams…You inspire me alot………..Love Your Show…