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GIVEAWAY: The Nuance of Salma Hayek ~ Beauty and Life Lessons

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When I learned that I was going to be having lunch with Salma Hayek, to discuss her new cosmetic and body care line, Nuance, I was in complete awe.   Let’s face it, there is nothing subtle about Salma Hayek.  Her beauty and sensuality are obvious.  The passion that she has  for her career is well documented by her body of work.  The belief that we all should live a good, healthy life is noted by the charities that she supports.  Did you see the ABC interview where she nursed another woman’s baby? And now, she’s sharing her family beauty secrets with her new skincare, haircare, and color line, Nuance.

SalmaNuanceLunch hair skin cosmetics beauty contests giveaways beauty health (Style/beauty editors and bloggers join Salma Hayek and CVS Pharmacy for lunch to get the inside scoop on Nuance. – photo by Jamie McCarthy)

Salma shared that she created Nuance because she felt that there was not a great affordable product line on the market that used excellent ingredients, that actually did what the box claimed it would do for you.  While she’s not against using high-tech skin, and body care treatments, she feels that using ingredients from the earth is more effective.  And, being an aesthetician I agree.

In creating the line, Salma chose not follow the usual protocol of hiring a cosmetic lab to create the products, she used various cosmetic chemist labs and was involved in choosing ingredients for each product.

Nuance is a line that uses indigenous formulations that Salma learned from her Mexican grandmother, who is the inspiration for this line.  Her grandmother was a cosmetologist and self taught cosmetic chemist, that some referred to as the “Witch Doctor”.  And how grateful we all should be as this is one of the best treatment and color lines on the beauty shelves today.

Product Highlights:


NuanceFACECare hair skin cosmetics beauty contests giveaways beauty health

The Oxygen Activated Foaming Face Wash is wonderful.  It provides a deep cleanse that also is very hydrating.  Just a drop is needed as the spreadability is amazing and even better when used with the Clarisonic Cleansing System.  Salma’s Tip: “Cleanse your face well at night and upon waking in the morning wait as long as possible to rinse your face.  Your skin is at it’s perfect Ph balance upon waking and it’s best not to disturb it.  And, if you’ve cleansed your face properly the night before, you only need to rinse, not use a cleanser.”‘

AM/PM Super Anti-Aging Cream is very effective.  I like it because it does not contain any sunscreen.  This allows the product to be more effective as adding sunscreen changes the formulation greatly.  Salma’s Tip: “Use treatment creams for your skin type and age.  Do not layer your skin with to many products as if will make your skin work harder to maintain it’s proper age and condition.”


NuanceBODYProducts hair skin cosmetics beauty contests giveaways beauty health

Nuance body care is by far one of the most gentle and luxurious that I have ever tried.  The Walnut Body Scrub is made with finely crushed Walnut shells, and infused with Annatto Seeds, and Rice Bran Oils which not only thoroughly cleanses, it leaves skin super soft and smooth.

Salma’s favorite body care product is her My Secret Super Moisturizing Body Cream.  This is a rich moisturizing body cream that is absorbed well.  I love everything about this cream.  It’s made with Shea Butter, Honey, Babassu and Macadamia seed oil. Salma’s Tip: “This is great to use on your face while flying, or if in very dry climate, and it’s a wonderful moisturizer for your hair as well.”


Nuance cosmetics hair skin cosmetics beauty contests giveaways beauty health

Nuance Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, is my daily gloss.  It tastes of a mixture of strawberries and bubble gum but not sticky or overwhelming with the smell.  And, as Salma shared, “My husband says your lips taste good!”  The gloss is made with Mimosa Extract, Mango Seed Oil, Vitamins A, C, and E. It’s great to wear alone with a liner, or over a lipstick.

Salma’s My Favorite Lipstick. This color can be worn by anyone and looks different on each skintone.  Salma was wearing it when I met her, and I also had it on, and it looked completely different as it picks up different undertones in each persons skin. It’s hydrating and it is the perfect shade.

Salma’s Secret: Be a vision of beauty for your husband; find the perfect shade of lipstick. Wake up 15 minutes before him, brush your teeth, your hair, apply a little lipstick and dab some on your cheeks, lay back down and when he wakes to look at you, all he’ll see and remember throughout the day is how beautiful your are and cannot wait to get back home to you.

Nunace is a complete body care treatment line.  From the top of your head to the soles of your feet, affordable luxurious beauty has finally arrived.  Salma Hayek is truly a Woman’s Woman.  She is smart, savvy, sexy and fun.  I love that she thinks that spending $300 for a excellent skin, body and haircare is not necessary, and set out to prove it with her own line.  I am a fan of the woman, star and of Nuance.

We love Nuance so much,
CVS Pharmacy and is giving
3 lucky readers a Nuance Beauty Pack with
5 (five) Nuance products!!

Just tell us a beauty secret/tip, or “old-school” natural remedy you have learned, or had passed on to you by previous generations!
Leave you beauty tip in the comments below or on the STYLEMOM Facebook Page.

RULES: Contest limited to U.S. residents 18 and older and runs Friday, September 23rd, 2011 12:00pm ET thru September 30th, 2011 11:59pm ET. All winners will be chosen by random selection and notified via e-mail. Winner(s) have 3 calendar days to confirm notification or prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen. For complete rules and information click HERE.

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dot hair skin cosmetics beauty contests giveaways beauty health


  1. Stephanie Alexander says:

    I was taught when I first began wearing make-up as a teenager to always cleanse my face at night. For every night that make-up is left on it causes a person to age.

  2. Danya Thompson says:

    Hi, I so enjoyed Selmby a On RR show, and am looking forward to finding and using her beauty line. I have enjoyed Ms. Selma’s acting for many years, she is a beauty inside and out in my books.

    My beauty secret is handed down from generation of beautiful women with natural beauty using lots of moisturizers, lots of hydration in and out, cleansing nightly, and a cool rinse in the am to start the day. Plus lots of freash veggis, fruits and proteins and minerals replaced that as women lose through the years. just loving ourselves. Also walking barefoot in the early morning dew helps you start your day and circulation in the body in a beautiful way. Try it you’ll see. Reach around and give yourself a hug after your morning yoga and begin your beautiful day. Thank you Danya

  3. Janki DePalma says:

    My tip is to listen to you mom, “eat your veggies”. A healthy diet that is low in processed foods really does reflect in your skin. Wearing sun protection is a must, as is drinking water. If you don’t do these basics, it’s a waste of money to buy fancy products.

    Can’t wait to try this new line… I love Salma!

  4. Great giveaway!

    My tip is to use baking soda mixed in with your shampoo once every few weeks to help remove buildup and really clean your hair and scalp without stripping or drying. I’ve been doing this for years -it really helped during my uh..heavy hairspray phases :) and it truly works wonders!

  5. cecilia nevel says:

    my mother and grandmother are both from spain. we are all blondes but my mother told us swimming in the salty sea and letting your hair dry with lemon juice on it turned it into a much more shimmering blonde. my grandmother told us yogurt makes a perfect facial , catherine the great used to bathe in milk! you can combine it with any of the following: honey, strawberries, cantalope or avocado. let the lactic acids work by smoothing wrinkles and giving your skin a youthful appearrance. let it dry and rinse leaving a beautiful clear skin.

  6. Susan Ennis says:

    I truely Love Nuance by Selma Hayek. I am having trouble locating CVS stores in St. Louis that carry all or some of her products. When I get lucky and locate products on the shelf I do purchase what I can, it is still a hit and miss. I hope Selma will add Walgreens to her list as a stores that would carry her products. CVS is out of my way but worth the trip. Being handicaped I can only get out when my husband is avaible.

  7. Deanna Wolschon says:

    I am very excited about this new product. Daily cleaning , refreshing and moisturizing is my secret. But secrets from my past were mud packs from a freshly dug well in the back yard, I had eczema and it helped, also Noxzema as a cleanser. As I grow older I keep looking for better products to keep my skin in great shape. Selma Hayaks new products are exciting and I cannot wait to try them, especially since they are from natural resources. Thanks

  8. A beauty tip I was given years ago is to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. It’s done wonders for my body as well as given me tons of energy throughout the day. I’m really hoping to win this, since I can’t seem to find her products at CVS, the’ve been sold out around where I live!

  9. I have very sensitive skin and I have tried so many over the counter facial products over the years and have not had success with anyone. Finally, I am so HAPPY to be using Salma’s Nuance AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream. Not only does she utilze such great ingredients and it feels great on my skin, it’s also affordable too. After watching her last week on the Rachel Ray show, I just had to try it. I absolutely LOVE this product and look forward to trying her other products.

    As for my beauty secret, I use the Cherry Chapstick to moisturize my lips and act as a lip glosser everyday and apply it several times a day. For my curly hair, before I go to bed at night, I put a small amount of conditioner into my hair as a “leave-in” treatment and in the morning, I wash or rinse my hair. I have curly hair so it can use all the moisturizing and repairing while I sleep at night since curly hair can sometimes be unruly and frizzy. As for my facial regimen, it’s important to wash your face and remove all make-up before going to bed. Afterwards, I wipe down my face with an astringent (witch hazel) to prevent pimples and then I grab 1-2 Vitamin E capsules, poke and squeeze it onto the palm of my hand and add it to my moisturizer and apply it to my face for added softness and glow. I won’t be needing to do my Vitamin E capsule regimen now that I am using Salma’s AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream since her cream already has the Vitamin E in it.

    I hope you have enjoyed my tips. =)

  10. To add some shine to your dull hair, I like to use an avocado mask…cut the avocado and cut it down the middle, lengthwise. Pull the two halves apart and then scoop out the avocado pit.

    Mash the avocado up thoroughly in a small glass bowl using a fork. No chunks showing. Next, scoop up the mashed avocado mixture and work it into your hair using just warm water, never hot. Also apply it to your scalp. If you have time and feel so inclined, apply it to your face also. It will dry fast and feel like a mask.

    Avocados contain a high amount of oil. They are rich in minerals that regulate body functions.

  11. estella miller says:

    My beauty tip is one I have followed for years and that I learned from my mother. She is 80 and has flawless skin. Remove makeup and moisturize at night with Ponds Cold Cream. An oldie but a goodie! Tweet as @wins4me

  12. Shirley Woodruff says:

    My beauty tip is a very inexpensive tip…for real smooth, soft skin, apply an egg on your face.
    Take the egg and separate the white from the yoke. Whip up the whites and add some honey, and apply to skin, let dry for about 30mins and then rinse, then apply the yoke, let dry, and then rinse off.
    Your face will feel nice and smooth!!.

  13. Forget going to get your eyebrows waxed, just tweeze ‘em!

  14. My beauty tip was to always go to bed with a clean face and use moisturizer day and night.

  15. Shonda Downey Miller says:

    My beauty tip is from my grandmom, put vasaline on your hands and feet and than put cotton socks on your hands and feet and wake up with super soft hands and feet.

  16. Danielle Wells says:

    My beauty secret comes from not having the money to afford high end products and wanting the perfect eyebrow like all of the stars seem to have in pictures and magazines. I have always used every product in as many ways as they could offer (kind of like Salma using lipstick and lip gloss as blush). I use chapstick on my eyebrows. Using this allows for the eyebrow to stay shaped the way you want it, and provides a glue-like styling tool. It does not make you break out, nor does it feel greasy in any way.

  17. My mom always told me to drink plenty of water. When you’re hydrated, your skin is moisturized, but when you’re dehydrated, your skin will be dry and not look healthy.

  18. what a great giveaway! I love Salma Hayek – she’s a great actress! The beauty regimen I was taught was that a girl is never too young for moisturizer. My grandma has taught me to use moisturizer since I was 15. Oh and to stay away from the sun and to never smoke because they both cause wrinkles. I do both! Hate the sun on my face and never picked up a cigarette!

  19. Swiping upper & lower lashes with a very small amount of Vaseline before bed helps to keep them moisturized and looking more lucious (fuller/longer) the next morning…with or without mascara.

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