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Science Meets Style: Eyewear Chic With LensCrafters® AccuFit

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Recently, I visited with our friends over at LensCrafters®to check out the new technology and see the latest looks in designer eyewear to kick off the LensCrafters® Semi Annual Lens Event. I discovered there’s an entire science behind getting a perfect fit for frames and a direct correlation between the fit and the effectiveness of your prescription. You can take the same prescription to different vision care centers and actually see differently! (Who knew?) Manual measurements of your pupilary distance (distance between the center point of your pupil and center point of the bridge of your nose), can vary by the administering optician and measurement method.

This year, LensCrafters will be the first eye care retail network to introduce digital measurements in the U.S. and Canada through their AccuFit (sm) Digital System.

LensCrafters AccuFit sale shopping fashion style bags accessories  The AccuFitSM Digital System is:

  • One system, three platforms
  • 5 times more precise than the traditional, manual method
  • Includes the LensSimulator for you to experience the benefits of each lens choice in a dynamic and interactive way.
  • Includes VirtualMirror, which enables customers to see how they look in multiple frame styles.

Not only does LensCrafters have the science down to get you the perfect fit, they are THE place to get the most uber-chic designer frames that are “fit” for every fashionista. I must say it was a bit difficult to chose from the great selection of luxe styles including Prada, Chanel, Tiffany & Co and Versace.

LensCrafters Frames sale shopping fashion style bags accessories
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Finally, after much deliberation, I chose these Tiffany & Co. purple frames with a touch of bling to dress up my eyes ;). When offered a choice between a black or Tiffany blue case, it was a no-brainer – Tiffany blue of course!

TiffanFramesFINAL sale shopping fashion style bags accessories Did you know:

  • Glasses are like cars, to maximize their effectiveness and comfort, you need to take them in every 2-3 months for a tune-up (i.e. fit, cleaning, etc.).
  • For the past 20 years, LensCrafters’ parent company Luxottica Group’s OneSight program, has donated primary vision care and eyewear to millions in need. You can help the cause and drop off old glasses at your local LensCrafters or make a monetary donation at
  • 60-80% of children diagnosed with learning disabilities (Dislexia, ADD, or ADHD) or poor learning performance, actually have an underlying binocular vision problem which makes it difficult to actually focus on close subjects such as written or printed material. (This is disturbing to know that there are way to many children on medication that should not be.)

If your child is having problems in school, BEFORE you rush them to a psychiatrist/psychologist, get them an eye exam! Read more on these and other symptoms of vision problems in children at The Bernstein Center for Visual Performance

Need new frames for you or the kids? Get to the LensCrafters Semi-Annual Lens Event just in time for back-to-school! Starting July 8 through September 12, receive 50% off lenses, including bi-focals, no lines and sunglasses made in your prescription with frame purchase.

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dot sale shopping fashion style bags accessories


  1. I work at Lenscrafters and while the Accufit is 10 times more precise the end product you receive is not. Yes Lenscrafters appears to be technically advanced from the outside but if you ever took a tour of there lab in the back you will see a different side of LC. The equipment is dated back to the early 80′s. The picture accufit takes is 10 times more accurate cause it measures in 1/10 of a mm however the outdated lab equipment can only process your eyewear in 1mm increments so the accufit system is useless. Figured I would throw this out there. This is a marketing gimmick. Looks good but does not benefit the customer whatsoever.

  2. So, are u happy with the fitting now??? Any improvement in comfort???

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