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Courvoisier® Rose Cognac ~The New Refreshing Summer Cocktail

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Just in time for summer, Beam Global Spirits & Wine and  Courvoisier debuted Rose Courvoisier.  The blend of this smooth palate pleasing drink is made from the premium French red wine grapes, succulent fruits of blackberries, peaches, black currant, and cherries; complemented by vanilla, and honey.

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Rose Courvoisier Cocktails

Mallika Monteiro, Brand Manager for Courvoisier states, “We are thrilled to add Courvoisier Rosé to the Courvoisier family and offer consumers a new, fun and refreshing twist on cognac,”.  Courvoisier is known and recognized for our ethos of innovation and for our revolutionary spirit.  We’re excited to expand our portfolio with a refreshing drink that will broaden our base and appeal to a larger variety of consumers.”

Couvoisier had a very lovely introduction soiree on the rooftop of the Ganesvoort Park Hotel in New York City; and mixologist Moses Laboy from Harlem’s Red Rooster created signature cocktails like the Pink Slipper, and the Courvoisier Rose Mojito.  Moses is indeed a Master Bartender. He has class, style and showmanship!

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Master Mixologist Moses Laboy

One of the things that sets this Courvoisier apart is the alcohol content.  It’s 18% instead of usual 40%.  This brings it almost into the wine category, as the alcohol content of wine is usually between 14 – 17%.  Utilizing premium French red wine grapes is partialy responsible for the mild flavor.

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The Pink Slipper

1 part Courvoisier® Rosé

1 part Thatcher’s™ Blueberry

3 parts Champagne

Shake first two ingredients and strain into chilled Champagne flute.  Top with Champagne.   Garnish with your choice of  lemon sprig, raspberries, or blueberries.

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Courvoisier Rose

Courvoisier Rose makes the perfect hostess gift, beverage for summer barbeques, and is a must for girl’s night out.  It tastes great on the rocks, mixed with champagne or neat on a cool night.

Courvoisier Rose is available nationwide.  A 750ml bottle has a suggested retail price of $24.99.


Product and photos provided by DKC Public Relations, Marketing & Government Affairs.

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