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From the proud moment of watching your son graduates from high school, to enjoying a quiet moment at the beach while dolphins swim along the shore, life is always full of “moments”. To celebrate life’s “moments” and the American Living for JCPenney collection, 10 Style Coalition blog/site editors were asked to share their “Made For” moment and style with a piece from American Living.

Earlier this month we gave you a look behind the scenes of the making of the “Made For” video series, and today, I am personally happy to debut “Made For Playdates In The Park”.

Looking for a comfortable outfit doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. I created looks for my son and I that not only were transitional and comfortable, but stylish and “made for” going anywhere the day took us.

The American Living for JCPenney collection has a wonderful selection of boys button up shirts (as seen on my son in plaid), shorts, and cool T-shirts, as well as comfy and classic styles for mom and the whole family.

JonTShirtFULL kids teens mommy swagger fashion style contests giveaways Buy the AL Boys Recycle Tee ($11.99) at JCPenney

Me JonSlide PeasantShirt kids teens mommy swagger fashion style contests giveaways Buy the Eyelet Peasant Top ($28.99) at JCPenney

What’s your favorite moment? Reading a book, dinner date with your special guy? Share your favorite “Made For” moment with us and  WIN a $250 gift card from JCPenney! The best part is, you will also be entered to win the grand prize of a $1500 JCPenney gift card!

(**Deadline for entries is 11:59 EST on July 31, 2010 – Read the official rules here)

The video series is sponsored by JCPenney and produced by Style Coalition. Check out Style Coalition on YouTube and watch all the Made For moments from other fabulous fashion sites in the video series.


Photo Credit: Jennine Jacob,

Nichelle’s Hair: Tawanda Nelson – Monet’s Hair Studio, Turnersville, NJ

Hair/Makeup: Jen Paelmo, Tara Drake

dot kids teens mommy swagger fashion style contests giveaways


  1. Looking great, Nichelle! Love how you put together a comfortable, yet very stylish outfit for your play date with your son.

  2. My made for moment…”My evening bubble bath” Escaping the day with warm bubbles, a good book, and a LOCKED door. The American Living Short Robe would be perfect.

  3. Pamela Johnson says:

    My made for moment was my 50th birthday. wearing a black cocktail dress and silver heelsI looked around the room Filled with people I love I caught a glance of both of my daughters faces; any other time I would have felt a small bit of sadness because my girls were all grown up . But in this moment I saw those faces just as there were 10 years ago. that moment was ended in less than a second by a “Mommy why are you crying” was a happy cry I love my girls and my life.

  4. My made for moment is my afternoon cup of tea with honey and cream. I work from home, so I get to have on the couch and enjoy a few moments of solitude. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the video!!
    My favorite Made for moment is when we are all relaxing in the backyard and watching the cats do something funny and we all crack up laughing!Good friends,great family and plenty of laughter!

  6. My “made for” moment is a really nice dinner out on the town with hubby. I love the V-Neck Empire dress because it looks so elegant and that bit of spandex means it will be comfy, too. Add a bright shawl pashmina and it’s perfect!

  7. My “Made for” moment is Sunday brunch with my husband. it’s the calmest part of the week and, if the weather’s good, we’ll even bring our newly adopted Pomeranian puppy with up!

  8. My made for me moment is making my toddler laugh. It melts me.

  9. My “made for moment ‘ are the times I’m with my husband and 2 sons eating a great meal at a great restaurant! And if the boys behaved, we order dessert!

  10. My “made for” moments are either in the backyard after dinner, bouncing Baby Boy on my lap while Little Girl runs around with her Daddy…or sipping a pina colada on the beach at sunset, just a few minutes from home! :)

  11. My “made for” moments are when I spend time with my sons. They grow so fast and will soon be off on their own. I treasure every second, trying to capture as much as possible on camera and video so wearing the right clothes is very important.
    Latinaonamission (AT)

  12. My favorite moment is when my husband and I are about to leave the beach at sunset, after spending an incredible day in the sun! I feel tired but grateful we had those hours in the sun, and I look forward to a shower followed by a bar on the beach for nighttime!

  13. My daughter’s favorite moments are when we walk to Starbucks just the two of us. She says we are the quiet ones and she loves it! Her brother and sister require a lot of attention, and while she is a great big sister, she loves the one on one!

  14. Wonderful moments you are all sharing! Thanks for the love!! Keep the great comments coming and tell all your friends!! Contest ends July 31st 11:59pm!!! xoxo – Nichelle

  15. My moments are on the weekend when my family and I spend time together. During the week we are so busy with work, summer camps, homework, football, girl scouts and every other activity we have on the schedule. The weekends gives us time to sit down, talk and laugh. My husband and I will take the children to the movies, museums, the zoo have a movie or game night. On Sunday, we all go to church and then to brunch. I love those moments because each weekend is different and the children really enjoy it. Because if they are happy then we are happy.

  16. Deanna G. says:

    My made for moment would definitely be a day at the beach! Nothing makes me happier than bright sunshine, the sand and the surf :)

  17. My made for moment is when we take the kids to the lake and spend the entire day enjoying and taking in all the beauty and exploring anything and everything.

  18. My Made For moment is when I am cuddled on the couch with the my family, watching a moving and eating popcorn. It’s perfect, comforting, and relaxing.

    You look fab!

  19. My made for moment would be going to Sunday brunch with my family! I’d wear an elegant yet simple floral dress with a coral cardigan.

  20. BTW you look fabulous! My fave made for moment is shopping with my 4 boys. There’s nothing better than doing what I love most with my 4 little guys.

  21. My favorite “made for” moment would be enjoying the fall foliage in Vermont. I love the short-sleeve cardigan from American Living. It would be perfect for fall!

  22. My favorite made for moment is a night out with my husband, going to see the theater to see a play.

  23. Felicia S. says:

    …That moment when it all comes together; clothes, shoes, makeup, hair, accessories, attitude…and I can look at myself in the mirror with confidence knowing I look like a million bucks and can accomplish anything I set my mind to!

  24. My favorite moments are spent with family and friends. Life is often very demanding so when I get time to enjoy the people that I care about it is really special. My children and I enjoy swimming, playing basketball, roller skating and shopping. I love this collection – being able to look good and feel good is what every mom deserves!

  25. Charity S. says:

    Spending quality time with my son. I love watching him grow, laugh, play, and learn each and every day. I consider that my “Made For Moment”. Thanks

  26. My made for moment would be stepping out into NYC with my American Living Tiered Sheath Dress-Black with some urban chic pumps…

  27. Harriet Adjei says:

    This video is great!
    My “MADE FOR” moment is when I wear my classy church outfit out –on a sunday morning and step out into the sun! I’m “made for” such candid moments!”

  28. michelle r says:

    My “Made For” moment is movie/date once a month with hubby. Been married for 26 years !!!!!

  29. MaAbena says:

    My ‘made for moment’ is slipping into a little black dress and heading out for a night on the town!

  30. My moments these days involve taking my two kids to storytime at the library, playdates at the park, and the dinosaur exhibit at the natural history museum. But of course I like to be the cutest mom there! The American Living collection is perfect for my moments: the peasant top with the cargo capris, the striped ruffle top with a denim skirt… and if I can find a babysitter, maybe that cowl neck pleated dress for a hot date with the hubbie! And I love the kids clothes too!

  31. Nanayaa says:

    My MADE FOR moment is being in my favorite boyfriend jeans, snuggling while the horror movie is showing, with a blanket over us both!

  32. KD Munoz says:

    My moments are made for the sky to fall- from dawn to dusk, and even thereafter… I live in a world that is filled with whirring of a fine tuned machine- that is, my well fed house full of boys. If I stopped & asked to put makeup on, all 3 guys here would probably faint. There is no time for matching nails and purses in my house, if my pockets don’t hold it- there is no place for it. JC Penney has helped me along the way by being sure, my active lifestyle is also functional and up to date. My guys have never been embarrassed by me- and, I’ve never blown the bank getting there. Now, if only we could say that about my coffee situation, ah well- JC Penney sells those machines as well :)

  33. I love winding down from my day in the evenings with my husband. We sit on the couch and watch a movie, play a game, or read. Such a nice way to end every day!

  34. Love the video and LOVE LOVE my JCPenny! Comfy clothes are my thing, whether I’m relaxing at home or getting dressed up sexy for a night out with Husband, I want comfort in my clothes. Comfort is “made for” me, so I roll with it everywhere!

  35. I have so many favorite moments. With my twins, it’s really nice to have one on one time with them whether it be a playdate , a lunch date, a trip to the library it’s all wonderful.

    With my Mr, the few date nights we manage to squeeze in every now and then.

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