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WIN a stylish prize this Mother's Day!

dot fashion style

Some Fantabulous giveaways!!! Leave a comment here or send me a tweet! @Stylemomon. Tell which prize(s) you’d like to win and why you deserve it (make it witty!) Best comments/tweets will win!

If you’re in the NYC/NJ/CT area you can still win a great prizes this weekend!!:

1. Date with Stylist David McKnight – style your own closet! (NYC Area entries only)

David has styled for many fashion clients, designer photo shoots and Super Models Unlimited Magazine! David will work his magic with your own clothing and accessories in your very own closet!! (NYC/Tri-State Area only)

 fashion style

(Contest will be ran via twitter and comments left here on this post – contest runs from 5/7 – 5/8 5pm EST).

WINNERS OF Contests:

Today’s Mets Tix Winner!: 1800Flowers for the “Sporty Mom” – New York Mets Tix for 5/12 home game (Tuesday 7:10 pm) vs. Atlanta Braves: UPDATE ** has been won by Jon who will be taking mommy to the game! Happy Mother’s day!!

 fashion style

Last night’s Mom’s Nite Out 2009 Winner:

Robyn  (@bellabuttercup) from Utah!!! CONGRATS!!!

14k White Gold Flower Cluster Pendant on a 16″ Chain with 7 Whiteflash ACA Diamonds (0.50 F/G VS)

 fashion style

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

dot fashion style


  1. Winning is lots of fun, especially if it is for mom!!! Great prizes and thanks so much for the fun! –Michelle

  2. I want the Mets tickets! If not I’ll settle for the I can be the haute mom lol.

  3. Savitre says:

    I would love to win this necklace for myself but if I won I would give it to my mother who in my eyes is most deserving of it. This is a great treat and good luck to everyone.

  4. I would love to win the necklance. Why? Because my hubby doesn’t buy me jewelry!

  5. this would be great because I am allergic to gold, but people keep buying it for me anyways

  6. My husband would freak if a necklace like this showed up! “Who sent you THAT” would be his response…. I can say “a friend” wouldn’t be a total lie. Teach him a lesson for not ever doing anything for mothers day, anniversaries, my birthday – HUMMMPH! So there, help me stick it to him ;)

    on twitter: AlwaysCj now

  7. Let’s try again, I did not see the top three comments part. I would love the diamonds, it is weird for me to just put myself out there, but I have never owned any diamonds, we did not even have enough for an engagement ring and my wedding ring is far from having diamonds, not that any of that matters at the end of the day, but they would still be nice to have. I would give them to my husband to give to me, corny, but he is upset that he does not have enough to give me anything for mothers day from the kids.

  8. Forgot to add why I deserve it. I know a hard working mom, with very little money that would love to have it and I would love to give it to her. It would probably be the first piece of real jewerly that she has ever recieved.

  9. There once was a mom with 5 kidders
    Who noticed a contest on twitter
    Her heart would soon sing
    for some flower shaped bling
    On her neck it would certainly glitter!

  10. I need the diamond necklace because I have pretty much lost my mobility to this injury and looking at that necklace would get me through those long, depressing days!

    *lip quivering* *tears rolling* *sniff* *sniff*

  11. That pendant beautiful!

  12. I love the diamond necklace. #MNO-09 #Mothersday PRIZES!

  13. I’d love to win the diamond necklace! I don’t really own any jewelry of any value, plus in the last 2 weeks I had my 4th wedding anniversary (no jewelry), and my 31st birthday (also no jewelry). What a great Mother’s Day present for me (a mom of 4 kids ages 2-8)! =)

  14. Gorgeous pendant! (sendtocindy on Twitter)

  15. I would love the diamond necklace. I am the mom of 3 great, wild boys. I deserve this because I haven’t received a jewelry gift in 6 years, since my youngest was born. Please!

  16. Desiree says:

    I would love the necklace. Because even though my family are my diamons it would be nice to have a piece like that around my neck to remind of my jewels. Besides being a stylish mom with kids is tough and I think I won’t be able to have an accesory like that till the kids are outta college.

  17. My birthday, anniversary, and mothers day is this month. If anyone needs something celebratory, its me! I hope to win the diamonds since i dont live in the area of the other two prizes


  18. I would love to win that pendant to actually give it to my Grandma! I haven’t been able to get her anything for Mother’s Day and that would be PERFECT

  19. Diamond Pendant please because I don’t have one! That simple!

  20. Love to win this!

  21. I love that necklace! I don’t own a diamond necklace…yet :)

  22. Mom of 2 w/ Fire Hubby. Day n life: wake up 5:30am get ready,make lunches,get kids ready,make/eat brkfst,off 2 school/day care,then work,teach 900+ kids,pu 2kids,make dinner/eat,off 2 activity,bath,homework,play,read,prayers,clean up house,go to bed est.10:30-11pm. Wake up & do it again! Weekends: Make Brunch, Activities for kids & Nite Routine! Selfish Time=does potty breaks & sleep count?

  23. This would be awesome, I own no diamonds

  24. PS on twitter I am now AlwaysCj as I apparently tweeted too much under LiveLaughLoveCj and cannot tweet during MNO for the next hour or so.

    Just an FYI:) Just in case :)

  25. Lisa Taylor says:

    Diamond Pendant.

    I have had over 50 kids in recent years, yet I’m not a mom. I love what I do and do it for love. However, unlike Mother’s Day there is no Babysitter or Nanny or Au Pair or even Caregiver Day to show appreciation for contributing to the welfare and well-being of a young child. Even teacher’s have Appreciation Day.

    So on behalf of of all the caregivers who get no recognition for giving Mommies peace of mind while they are away, I think I deserve to have the diamond pendant. It can be the official gift of/for Caregiver’s Day!!!

  26. I love the *diamond* necklace fairy much! Diamonds really are my birthstone and mixed together with recycling ground up baby teeth they make fine sparkly *fairy dust.* I need to wear a bit of BLING so that I sparkle and shine bright in the night sky. I am not a shooting star but when I wave my wand it’s like a super NOVA explosion on Twitter. I work very hard finding children who have lost their baby teeth. My Toothfairycyberspace is both whimsical and informative and sure to make everyone smile ☺. It includes educational dental funstuff too. I bring joy, gifts, and treasures to many. How SWEET it would be to receive something in return…
    Good-bye, gotta fly!
    Meet and read more about me at my site.

  27. So they say diamonds are a girls best friend – well then I am friendless.
    Besides, I am a mom/stepmom to 5 TEENAGERS – that should count for something, a medal, a reward, a necklace. hmmmmmmmm ya think?

  28. I can never pass up some bling!!

  29. I would love the stylist, but I’m not in NY. I would love to go see the Mets again, but again, not in NY, so I’ll go with (as if it’s a horrible last resort) the necklace, which is GORGEOUS!!!

  30. Why do I deserve the diamond necklace – because I spend my evenings yelling for the track team at the meets, even though a lot of the other parents are gone by the time my son runs his last race – the last race about 4 hours after the start of the meet? And because I do this after working all day? And because I eat the meet hotdogs and hamburgers because it supports the other school’s sports boosters? Most of all I do it because my son is growing up we’re proud of how hard he has worked to get where he is.

  31. Diamonds are a girls best friend right! My birthday is in April and the only birthstone I have is my engagement ring! 37 years old 37 birthdays in April and I don’t have any diamonds! with 4 kids I don’t think i have much of a chance now to get any, therefore I NEED to win this prize! Thanks!

  32. angievinez says:

    LOVE the necklace!!

  33. I love the pendant–it’s my first Mother’s Day and what a great way to commemorate it!

  34. Diamonds??!!!! Diamonds!!! #MNO-09
    Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  35. I tweeted

  36. This is truly beautiful. Believe it or not, I own no diamonds, none, my daughters (3 of em) do , but not this mom. What a fantastic gift for someone – anyone – truly how special :) Maybe a Happy Mother’s Day for me with a gift like this. (My hubby is useless when it comes to stuff like this, birthdays, anniversarys, etc.) LOLOLOL

  37. Diamond Necklace please! Because diamonds are a mama’s best friend.

  38. With Spring comes Mother’s Day
    and a diamond flower with a gorgeous shine
    please oh please pick me tonight
    so I can make that gorgeous necklace all mine!

    Happy Mothers day!

  39. Love the pendant!

  40. I love the diamond necklace. #MNO-09 #Mothersday PRIZES!

  41. Diamonds! That is lovely!

  42. Oooh, that pendant is beautiful!

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